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Lesson Duration

What should the lesson duration be?

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The lesson duration can be set to any amount of time. You can edit the lesson duration when booking a lesson.

Should the Tutor or Student send the session request?

  • Both the tutor and parent/student have the ability to send a session request. To make things most convenient, we recommend that the tutor sends the session request since the tutor may be more familiar with how the software works.

Lesson Duration

  • 5-minutes = $1.67

  • 15-minutes = $5

  • 30-minutes = $10

  • 45-minutes = $15

  • 1-hour = $20 (most popular)

  • 1-hour 30-minutes = $30

  • 2-hours = $40

Does GoPeer take a commission on the tutor's hourly rate?

  • No. Tutors keep 100% of their earnings 🤩

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