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How to book a lesson

Time zone? How can I tell if my session is confirmed? How can I send a session request?

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Once you are ready to book a lesson, navigate to either your Chat Messages or Dashboard and click the green button that says Request Session. Follow the prompts to book your lesson.

Step 1: Click the green button on your dashboard to schedule a lesson.

Step 2: Confirm the subject

Step 3: Set the start date and time. You can book recurring too!

Step 4: Review the details

Step 5: Schedule the lesson

Step 6: Learn how to prepare for your upcoming session.

Step 7: Share documents & files with your tutor or student. Drag & drop files directly into your chat messages.

Step 8: You can add your session to your Google Calendar or Apple Calendar too!

Lesson Duration

  • 5-minutes = $1.67

  • 15-minutes = $5

  • 30-minutes = $10

  • 45-minutes = $15

  • 1-hour = $20 (most popular)

  • 1-hour 30-minutes = $30

  • 2-hours = $40

Frequently asked questions

Booking in a different time zone?

  • Navigate to your Chat Messages to view the local time of your student or tutor. When you send a Session Request, the start time you enter will be in your local time. It will automatically adjust to the other person's local time accordingly. For example, if you are on Eastern Time and the person you are communicating with is on Pacific Time (3 hours behind ET) - If you send a Session Request for 6:00 PM ET (your local time), it will automatically show up as 3:00 PM PT (the local time of the other person).

Is it easier to navigate the website on a computer?

  • Yes. If you find yourself a little lost on a mobile device, try going back and using a computer. You'll be amazed at how a larger screen can make the website easier to navigate.

Should the Tutor or Student send the session request?

  • Both the tutor and parent/student have the ability to send a session request. To make things most convenient, we recommend that the tutor sends the session request since the tutor may be more familiar with how the software works.

What happens after a session request is sent?

  • If a tutor sends the session request, the parent/student will be asked to "confirm" it and vice versa.

How do I confirm a session request?

  • You can confirm a session via your Dashboard.

How do I check the status of my booking?

  • You can check booking status via your Dashboard.


  • Chat us (bottom right). We are here to answer your questions about GoPeer. Ask us anything!

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