Communication with prospective and clients can be time consuming, but it's critical to get right. So, we encourage you to always use these templates (*personalize your messages as you see fit).

A collection of templates you can use to save time, answer questions, and book lessons faster.


1. FIRST MESSAGE: Use this template after a client contacts you for the first time.

2. PRICE: Use this template if the client asks for information on PRICE or PAYMENTS.

3. DID YOU GET ASKED TO SHARE EMAIL OR PHONE: Use this template if a client asks you to share your email or phone number.

4. NOT AVAILABLE: Use this template if you are not available to tutor the student.

5. FOLLOW UP: Use this template to follow up with prospective clients who contacted you in the past, but did not end up booking.

6. LESSON DURATION: Use this template if the client asks about lesson duration.

7. SEND FILES & DOCUMENTS: Use this template to explain how the client can send you files & documents.

8. HOW TO PREPARE FOR & JOIN THE LESSON: Use this template to explain how the client can prepare for a lesson.

9. ACCESS & REVIEW SAVED LESSONS: Use this template to explain how both the tutor & student can access saved lessons

10. REMINDER TO FOLLOW UP & SCHEDULE NEXT LESSON: After a lesson, always make sure to follow up with the student to schedule your next session (as a tutor, you should always send the student the session request - TIP: *Use a computer to send the session request, you'll be amazed how a larger screen can make a difference!)

11. MOBILE APP: How to use the GoPeer mobile app.


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PRO TIP: Always make sure to make sure to FOLLOW UP with:

  1. Prospective clients who have contacted you in the past

  2. Clients who have scheduled lessons with you in the past, but are not currently booking

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