Communication with prospective and clients can be time consuming, but it's critical to get right. So, we encourage you to always use these templates (*personalize your messages as you see fit).

A collection of templates you can use to save time, answer questions, and book lessons faster.


1. FIRST MESSAGE: Use this template after a client contacts you for the first time.

2. PRICE: Use this template if the client asks for information on PRICE or PAYMENTS.

3. IF CLIENT ASKS FOR IN-PERSON: Use this template if a client is skeptical about online tutoring and asks for an in-person lesson (GoPeer lessons are 100% online).

4. NOT AVAILABLE: Use this template if you are not available to tutor the student.

5. FOLLOW UP: Use this template to follow up with prospective clients who contacted you in the past, but did not end up booking.

6. LESSON DURATION: Use this template if the client asks about lesson duration.

7. SEND FILES & DOCUMENTS: Use this template to explain how the client can send you files & documents.

8. HOW TO PREPARE FOR & JOIN THE LESSON: Use this template to explain how the client can prepare for a lesson.

9. ACCESS & REVIEW SAVED LESSONS: Use this template to explain how both the tutor & student can access saved lessons

  • Tap here to view (you can also send the video link to the client)

10. REMINDER TO FOLLOW UP & SCHEDULE NEXT LESSON: After a lesson, always make sure to follow up with the student to schedule your next session (as a tutor, you should always send the student the session request - TIP: *Use a computer to send the session request, you'll be amazed how a larger screen can make a difference!)


Are there any questions that you receive from clients on a regular basis? If so, please tap the blue icon (bottom right) to let us know and we will create additional templates for you to use!

PRO TIP: Always make sure to make sure to FOLLOW UP with:

  1. Prospective clients who have contacted you in the past
  2. Clients who have scheduled lessons with you in the past, but are not currently booking

FAQ VIDEOS - You can share the links to the videos with clients to help answer questions

1. How To Access & Review Saved Lessons

2. How do I share documents with my tutor or student?

3.  How does GoPeer work?

4. How to schedule an online tutoring lesson? 

5. How to change the lesson duration

6. How to join an online lesson?

7. How to verify your GoPeer Lesson

8. How to demo the online classroom?


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