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How it works: 15-minute intro vs. standard session rate
How it works: 15-minute intro vs. standard session rate

What is the difference between the 15-minute intro and the standard session rate

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We put together this short video to explain exactly how the free 15-minute intro meeting works.

  • When this setting is turned on, the first 15-minutes between the student and tutor is free!

  • The 15-minute intro session is meant to be an introductory meeting where the student and tutor can get to know one another and discuss specific learning needs.

Please watch this video to learn exactly how the 15-minute intro works


*Important: When the 15-minute intro is turned on, the session duration will be fixed at 15-minutes (i.e., you won't be able to change the duration during the booking process).

However, when you are actually in the session, you can "extend the lesson" by adding overtime. Learn exactly how adding overtime works here.

  • When overtime is applied, the student is charged for the overtime and the tutor is paid. Overtime will never automatically be applied. It can only be applied by the student/tutor. during the actual lesson.

Overtime rates are based on the standard $20/hour rate

  • 5-minutes = $1.67

  • 15-minutes = $5

  • 30-minutes = $10

  • 45-minutes = $15

  • 1-hour = $20

Questions about how to extend a lesson?

  • Lessons cut out 5-minutes after the scheduled end time unless you add extra time. Follow the steps to extend a lesson.

Step 1: Hover over the "+" icon while in your classroom.

Step 2: Indicate the amount of time you would like to extend the lesson.

Step 3: Continue your lesson!

Need to edit the lesson duration after it is completed?

At the moment, only tutors can edit a lesson duration after the session end time. As a student, if you would like to edit the duration, please message your tutor directly.

As a tutor, you can edit the duration of a lesson after it is completed. After a lesson comes to an end, you have 12 hours before the session automatically verifies (which is when your payout is initiated). During this 12 hour period, you can click the Edit button on your session card to “edit” the lesson duration. You can find the "Edit" button on your session card via your Messages or Dashboard.


  • Chat us (bottom right). We are here to answer your questions. Ask us anything!

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