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How does overtime and extending a lesson work
How does overtime and extending a lesson work

Overtime, pricing, editing the session duration

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During a lesson, both the tutor or student can add overtime in order to "extend" the lesson past the scheduled end time. After the lesson comes to an end, the student and tutor have 12-hours to "edit the duration" or report an issue, which can be done directly from the appointment card located on your dashboard or within your chat messages. A charge would only be initiated after the 12-hour window.

How much are overtime charges?

  • Overtime charges are prorated on the standard $20/hour rate.

  • Tutors earn 100% of the overtime charge.

Overtime Charge Examples

  • 5-minutes = $1.67

  • 15-minutes = $5

  • 30-minutes = $10

  • 45-minutes = $15

  • 1-hour = $20

  • 1-hour 30-minutes = $30

  • 2-hours = $40

You can view your detailed payment history and any overtime charges by navigating to your Transaction History.

Questions about how to extend a lesson?

  • Lessons cut out 5-minutes after the scheduled end time unless you add extra time. Follow the steps to extend a lesson.

Step 1: Hover over the "+" icon while in your classroom.

Step 2: Indicate the amount of time you would like to extend the lesson.

Step 3: Continue your lesson!

Need to edit the lesson duration?

At the moment, only tutors can edit a lesson duration after the session end time. As a student, if you would like to edit the duration, please message your tutor directly.

As a tutor, you can edit the duration of a lesson after it is completed. After a lesson comes to an end, you have 12 hours before the session automatically verifies (which is when your payout is initiated). During this 12 hour period, you can click the Edit button on your session card to “edit” the lesson duration. You can find the "Edit" button on your session card via your Messages or Dashboard.


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