💡Recommended: Run an Audio & Video Test before your lesson. You can do this from a computer via your Chat Messages page.

Preparing for your online lesson:

Step 1: Device Type

- Do I need to use a computer, laptop, iPad, or mobile device?

  • 🖥 At the moment, we recommend using a Laptop or Computer for your lessons.
  • GoPeer's Online Classroom also supports lessons on a mobile device, iPad, or tablet (however, we strongly recommend using a computer or laptop for the best experience).

Step 2: Browser Type

- What are GoPeer's supported browsers?

  • Google Chrome: The online classroom works best when you use Google Chrome. (Recommended for best performance)
  • Safari: You can also use Safari, however, we recommend that you use Google Chrome for best performance.

You can download Google Chrome by clicking here (it's super easy & quick)

Browsers that are NOT supported:

  • ❌ Internet Explorer 
  • ❌ Microsoft Edge
  • ❌ Firefox

Step 3: Joining the lesson

As long as your session is scheduled and Confirmed, all you need to do is navigate to your Chat Messages or Calendar and simply click the Join Online Lesson button.

*The "Join Online Lesson" button will appear 5-minutes before the lesson start time.

Trouble seeing the Join Lesson button from your Chat? Try joining from your Calendar. Just navigate to Calendar and click on the session.

Share Documents & Files with Your Tutor Prior to a Lesson via your Chat Messages

Learn in GoPeer's Virtual Classroom

Pro Tip: We recommend that you use a computer mouse so that you can be more precise when drawing/writing on the digital whiteboard. However, your trackpad or touch screen will work well too.


  • Chat us (bottom right). We are here to answer your questions about GoPeer. Ask us anything!
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