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How to unblock camera/mic access
How to unblock camera/mic access

Check your browser and systems settings, both!

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💡Recommended Step 1: Run an Audio & Video Test. You can do this from a computer via your Chat Messages page.

Unblock Audio & Video

Using Google Chrome as a browser, click on the Lock Icon in the URL search input (see the following images).

Your cam/mic is blocked by (1) your browser or (2) Operating System. Check BOTH.

🚨 Still having trouble?

1.  Allow browser 

Click the "lock" icon. It's in your browser address bar, top left. 

Chrome users see this. (If you need help with other browsers, contact us (blue button, bottom right).  

  • Choose Allow > Click Done 

  • Refresh your browser!  

2.  MAC USERS - Check Systems Preferences 

This step is critical. 

  1. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Camera. 

  2. Click the box next to the browser you're using. It'll quit and reopen your browser.  

  3. Do the same for Systems Preferences > Privacy > Microphone. 

👇  Also check MICROPHONE!  

3.  WINDOWS Updates

PLEASE check for Systems Updates! This Lifewire post is helpful. 

4.  Do you have a program that automatically opens at startup, which uses your camera? 

  • We have duplicated an issue where one popular program, when auto-starting, does not close cleanly. It still claims access to the camera even after it's closed. 

  • Turn off the program automatically opening at startup. Now reboot.


👉 👉 If you haven't already... SHUTDOWN & REBOOT your computer. Your system needs to clear out any old issues. This will fix 99.9% of all issues.


🤔   Do the official Google test: 

This is a page created by Google (not by us). If it can't see your camera and microphone, Google is saying something is wrong with your browser. 

Make sure you've tried the steps above. And reboot.

Toggle Audio

Toggle Video




  • Do you have ad blockers? Or browser extensions? Try Incognito. An extension might be blocking camera access. 

  • If you need help with other browsers, contact us (blue button, bottom right).


  • Chat us (bottom right). We are here to answer your questions about GoPeer. Ask us anything!

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