High Priority

  • Please send a follow up message to any parents/students that have contacted you, but did not schedule a lesson with you.

Message Template  (TIP: Make sure to tailor your message to fit your conversation.)

Hi [Insert Parent/Student Name],

I know things get hectic this time of year so I wanted to send you a quick message to check back in and to let you know that I am available for tutoring. So, if you are looking for a tutor for your child then I would be happy to help.

In addition, GoPeer recently launched our new & improved digital classroom that makes online tutoring personalized, effective, and collaborative. In the digital classroom, students and tutors have access to a collaborative workspace with many helpful tools that enhance the learning experience. Students are seeing great results already! If your child is open to it, would you be willing to give online tutoring a try? I think that it could be highly effective and you can try an online lesson for free if you use the code FREE60 when we schedule the first session.

As you know, teaching is something that I truly enjoy so I’d love to work with your child and I look forward to hearing back from you!

*To clarify, you will still be paid the full amount from GoPeer even if your client uses the code FREE60.

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