You will earn 60-minutes of free tutoring credit for every friend you refer to GoPeer. To earn credit, send a free lesson to your friends.

How It Works

1. Share your invite

2. Give a FREE lesson

  • Friends who sign up for GoPeer will get a free lesson

3. Get a FREE lesson

  • When your friend schedules their free lesson, you’ll get a free lesson as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn credit from referring a friend to GoPeer?

To earn credit, send your unique referral link or code to your friends. When a friend uses that link or code to create a free account with GoPeer, they’ll get a free 60-minutes of tutoring credit that will automatically apply towards their first lesson with GoPeer. The credit will show up automatically on the booking summary page of any lesson.

When your friend completes their first lesson, you'll earn credit to use for your own GoPeer Tutoring lessons. You'll get the credit after your friend schedules their lesson, and it will show up automatically on your booking summary page.

Is there a limit to how many people I can invite?

No. You can invite as many people as you want and you will get a free lesson for every person who completes their first lesson.

  • You invite 1 person = 1 free lesson for you
  • You invite 10 people = 10 free lessons for you
  • You invite 20 people = 20 free lessons for you
  • You invite 100 people = 100 free lessons for you

How can I check whether or not the people I've invited have accepted the free lesson?

*The button located above will only work if you are already signed in to your GoPeer account on your device. If you are not already signed in, then you can sign in here.


  • Chat us (bottom right). We are here to answer your questions about GoPeer. Ask us anything!
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