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Training Document: Tutor Guide on How To Handle Personal Information from Students
Training Document: Tutor Guide on How To Handle Personal Information from Students
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1. Adhering to Privacy Principles:

1.1. Minimal Collection:

Collect only the necessary information required for the educational process, such as names and educational levels.

1.2. Purpose Limitation:

Ensure that the information collected is solely used for educational purposes and not for any unauthorized purposes.

1.3. Transparency:

Be transparent with students and parents about the information you are collecting and its purpose.

2. Prohibited Actions:

2.1. Personal Information Solicitation:

Avoid requesting or encouraging students to disclose personal information that is not relevant to the learning process.

2.2. Outside Contact:

Tutors are prohibited from contacting students outside of the Go Peer service. All communication should be conducted within the platform.

2.3. Sharing of Information:

Do not share or disclose any student information with third parties without proper authorization.

3. Communication Guidelines:

3.1. Professional Boundaries:

Maintain a professional boundary with students. Conversations should be education-focused and should not veer into personal territory.

3.2. Use of Go Peer Communication Channels:

Ensure that all communications occur within the Go Peer platform to maintain a record and ensure the safety and privacy of students.

4. Reporting Concerns:

4.1. Report Promptly:

If you come across any situations where a student's personal information is at risk or if you are uncertain about a situation, report it to the administration promptly by emailing us at

4.2. Documentation:

Document any concerning interactions as per Go Peer’s reporting procedures to ensure a clear record for future reference.

5. Training and Resources:

5.1. Continuous Learning:

Stay updated with training and resources provided by Go Peer regarding privacy and handling of student information.

5.2. Legal Compliance:

Familiarize yourself with and adhere to legal and organizational guidelines concerning student privacy.


Adhering to these guidelines will help ensure a safe and conducive learning environment while maintaining the trust and confidence of our students and their parents. Your cooperation and adherence to these guidelines are crucial in upholding the integrity and reputation of Go Peer.

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