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How Family Portal Works

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The Family Portal allows you to easily add additional students or parents to your account (all included under a single membership plan).

*This feature is only accessible to parent and student accounts. Tutor accounts do not have access to the family portal.

💡Trouble signing in? If you are having trouble signing in, please use the account owner's sign-in email and password (the account owner is the first account you created). This will give you access to GoPeer. Once you are signed in, you can create a "pin" from your Security section under My Profile here.

How to sign in to your family account as a parent or student

  1. Navigate to the sign-in page here: Sign In

  2. Use the account owner's email and password (the account owner is the first account you created)

  3. Once you enter the account owner's email and password, you can sign in to your account. Once you sign in, you can select which user in the family portal you want to use.

*TIP: Share your email and password with your family members to access your account (just like Netflix).

  • If you need to change your password to something you are comfortable sharing with your family member, you can change your password from your Account Security section here.

⭐️ Steps to add new accounts to your Family Portal ⭐️

Step 1: Add a student(s) or parent(s) to the account

  • Navigate to the Manage profiles section here: Family Portal

  • Click "Add a New Profile"

Step 2: Enter full name & Select whether they are a Parent or Student

  • Enter the name of the student or parent that you would like to add to your account

Step 3: Set up a pin for a family member

  • Enter a four-digit pin code that your "Family Member" can use to sign in to their account (i.e., this "pin" is used as a password that allows your family member to gain access to their specific account)

  • As a parent, you can create a pin for your own account so that other members within your family portal cannot access your account owner information. You can create a pin for your parent account here: Create Pin

Step 4: Select which profile you want to continue as

  • The "pin" icon means that the account is locked with a pin. In order for the family member to access the account, they will need to use the "pin" that you created.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to sign in to a specific profile?

  • All family portal members share one login information (email and password) of the "owner" profile. Other family members can use the "pin" that the account owner creates.

Which profile is "owner"?

  • The profile that signed up first is the "owner" of the family portal

Can Family Portal members have different notification settings?

When I add a parent or student to the Family Portal, does it create a group chat between all members and the associated tutor?

  • Yes. Linked accounts will create "group chats" with all family portal members and the tutor. (I.e., Family portal members will have access to all chat threads between the tutors and family member accounts). You can also have private chats with tutors!


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