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Lesson Recordings

What are lesson recordings and how can I access them?

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Lesson Recordings are a way for students to be able to go back and re-watch their tutoring sessions at a later date/time. This is beneficial for students because they can have all of the content from their tutoring sessions recorded and available to help them review and brush up on different concepts.

Currently, this feature is required for all GoPeer tutors. However, each student has the option to turn this feature on/off in their Settings. If the feature is on, then the session will be recorded and saved for later playback. During the session you will be able to see that the session is being recorded.

Only the student and the tutor will have access to the recording. The recordings can’t be downloaded and are only accessible through the Recording Library. All lessons are private, secure, and can only be viewed by the student’s account and the tutor’s account. No one else outside of those two accounts will be able to view your recordings.

How to access your Recordings:

  1. Log in to GoPeer from your computer (currently recordings are only available on desktop and not on our mobile app).

  2. In the left side bar select Recordings.

  3. There, you will be able to view all of your lesson recordings.

If you’d like to change your lesson recording settings (turn it off or on), you can do so by selecting Manage Recording Preferences.

From there, you will see this screen and can select on or off and then select Update Settings. You can update these settings whenever you’d like.


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