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Supported Devices & Browsers

No downloads needed.

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-1 What are GoPeer's supported browsers?

You can download Google Chrome by clicking here (it's super easy & quick)

Browsers that are NOT supported:

  • ❌ Internet Explorer

  • ❌ Microsoft Edge

-2 What are GoPeer's supported device types?

Learn in GoPeer's Virtual Classroom using any Device 📱 🖥 💻

  • Mobile device (use Safari on mobile as a browser if using an iOS device)

  • Desktop computer

  • Laptop

  • Chromebook

  • Tablets

  • iPad

  • ..and more!

🚨 Still having trouble?

  • Shutdown and restart your computer. This will fix 99.9% of all issues.

Need more help? Contact Us (bottom right).

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