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Audio & Video Issues on Safari
Audio & Video Issues on Safari

Mic & Camera Issues on Safari

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Steps to getting your camera and microphone working:

-1 Ensure you have given permission to your browsers to allow for audio and video. When you join you will see a popup that asks you to allow access, press “Allow”.

-2 If you mistakenly block the camera and microphone you will see a red banner on your screen. If you see this, you'll need to "Refresh" your page.

Now you’ll be asked to Allow GoPeer access to your camera and microphone here. Select “Allow." Once reloaded, you’ll rejoin the Classroom and all should work.

-3 Make sure to close Skype or Zoom or any other video apps. Some poorly written applications on a computer can restrict access to the camera, so make sure to close any application that might already have that access, for example, Skype / Zoom, video editing software, etc.

-4 Video freezing, but audio fine. If you are noticing the video freezing, but the audio is fine, this is because GoPeer will prioritize audio bandwidth over video if your internet connection is poor. Check your network speed by running this test:

🚨 Still having trouble?

  • Shutdown and restart your computer. This will fix 99.9% of all issues.

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