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What is GoPeer?

  • pairs vetted college students with K-12 students for 1-to-1 virtual tutoring lessons.

How do I get free lessons?

  1. Share your invite code or link

  2. Anyone who signs up using your code will get a free $20 tutoring credit. You'll receive a $100 credit towards your next lesson each time someone joins GoPeer and completes their free trial.

Where do I find My Invite Code?

  1. Visit your Referral Dashboard to find your code

Any limits to the free lessons?

  • No. The more you share, the more free lessons you get.

  • For example, if you share a post in a Facebook Group and 50 people sign up and complete their free trial, you will get 50 x $40 = $2,000 worth of free tutoring credit!

How do I know when my free credit is applied?

Visit your Referral Dashboard and check the "Pending" and "Accepted" status list.

  • Pending = invite has signed up

  • Accepted = invite has completed a free trial and your credit is applied

Template to copy & paste (feel free to personalize it):

Hi everyone! College students are tutoring K-12 students through GoPeer Tutoring, and you can get 1-hour of free credit with my code: insert your code

I am excited about their mission, and wanted to share it with you too!

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