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How to find a tutor

To find your perfect tutor, request personalized recommendations or browse our website to view available tutors.

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Who are the Tutors?

  • Tutors are selected from 150 top-tier universities like Harvard, MIT, and UC Berkeley.

How to Find a Tutor?

There are two ways that you can connect with a GoPeer Tutor.

  1. Search on our website to view available tutors. You can view their qualifications & experience and compare ratings & reviews. You can also send secured messages to any tutor in order to find the perfect fit. Sign in to browse tutors here.

  2. Personalized Recommendations - Request personalized recommendations. We pair students with instructors based on their desired learning outcomes, personality fit, interests, and availability. Request Personalized Recommendations here.

Free tutor search


  • Chat us (bottom right). We are here to answer your questions. Ask us anything!

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