A REQUIRED step for completing your tutor profile is updating your Availability Calendar.

This is important because availability is a major part of the decision making process when a student is considering whether or not to schedule a lesson with you.

Watch the following video to learn exactly how to update your tutoring availability:

Steps To Update Your Tutoring Availability:

  1. Navigate to your Calendar using a computer
  2. Indicate your availability by clicking the time range (see above video)

*IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend setting your availability for the foreseeable future. Here's how to set your availability into the future.

  1. Select the weekdays for which you would like your availability time slots to repeat
  2. Select repeat week (see above video)
  3. Select the number of weeks into the future you would like the availability to repeat - we recommend setting it for at least 10 weeks

Remember, you can always update, change, and remove your availability at any time.

**REQUIRED: Remember, this step is required so please take a moment to update your availability.

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