This is part of the Tutor Marketing Blitz.

This offer is ACTIVE 24-hours per day, 7-days per week, 365-days per year (including 29 February in leap years, too 😁). So, if you keep sharing you will keep getting paid!


Who to email?

Emails must be sent to teachers, guidance counselors, or principals and the email must include a valid school-issued email address:

  • Teachers (K-12)
  • Guidance counselors
  • Principal


*IMPORTANT - Watch the video to learn how to find your shareable tutoring profile link

  1. Go to the Profile section of your Settings
  2. Copy & paste your unique profile link

🤔 If you find yourself a little lost on a mobile device, try going back and using a laptop, you'll be amazed how a larger screen can make a difference!

*Learn How To Find Your Unique Profile Link To Share


Payment Structure:

• You will get paid $1.00 per email that you send - guaranteed

No min/max amount of emails

- 1 email = $1.00  💰
- 5 emails = $5.00 💰
- 10 emails = $10.00 💰💰
- 20 emails = $20.00  💰💰💰
- 100 emails = $100.00 💰💰💰💰
- 500 emails = $500.00 💰💰💰💰💰
- 2,000 emails = $2,000.00 💰💰💰💰💰💰


How To Get Paid

📫 All you need to do is "Bcc" on each email that you send

*Any recipients on the Bcc line of an email are not visible to others on the email (E.g. the person you send the email to will not see that also received the email.)

It is a requirement to Bcc so that the GoPeer Team can accurately track the number of emails you send and initiate payments promptly (within 24-48 hours).



As part of GoPeer's social impact mission, we are giving out two free lessons to all students and sharing this initiative with your former teachers is a great way to help spread the word! (*You are still paid in full by GoPeer when students use the free lesson code.)


  1. Email the teacher you had for each of the classes you tutor
  • We created the following template for you to use when reaching out to past teachers. While we have seen success with this TEMPLATE, it is simply a template. Therefore, it is important that you alter it to fit your unique voice.
  • If the teachers(s) have any questions about the company, feel free to direct them our way for answers. If you'd like, you can Cc our Co-Founder & CEO on the email and he will personally respond to answer any questions.

Make sure to let the teacher know that students can enter the code FREE120 for two free lessons!

*As a tutor, you are still paid in full by GoPeer when a student uses a promo code to get free lessons


(Optional: You can screenshot/download the PDF flyer and attach it to the emails that you send)


Once again, we are here to help you out if you are unsure about what to say or have any questions at all 😀

Click the blue messenger icon in the bottom right hand corner of this page to contact the GoPeer Team.

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