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Get Paid and Get Students Before your Account is Featured!

While you are approved to teach, your profile is on a waitlist to be featured in the search results on the GoPeer website. This is not due to your qualifications, but rather the high demand for GoPeer.

You can now tutor anyone that you attract to GoPeer through sharing your profile and you will always be paid in full for all sessions that you teach.

🎁 Plus, you now get a guaranteed payment each time you share the link to your unique tutoring profile.


Why Share?

As part of GoPeer's social impact mission, we are giving out TWO FREE LESSONS to all students in the United States and sharing this initiative is a great way to help spread the word! (*You are still paid in full by GoPeer when students use the free lessons.)

Plus, when you share the social impact mission and free lessons, you'll get more students and will always be paid!

  1. You get paid just to share your AWESOME tutoring profile
  2. You also get paid when students book with you


There are three ways that you can get paid for sharing your unique tutor profile and this offer is ACTIVE 24-hours per day, 7-days per week, 365-days per year (including February 29 in leap years, too 😁). So, if you keep sharing you will keep getting paid!

  1. Option 1: Share via email
  2. Option 2: Share on social media
  3. Option 3: Be creative. Come up with new ways to share and get paid


How to share & get paid?




Once again, we are here to help you out if you are unsure about what to say or have any questions at all 😀

Click the blue messenger icon in the bottom right hand corner of this page to contact the GoPeer Team.

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