This is part of the Tutor Marketing Blitz.

We want to write an article where we highlight you as a tutor, but first, we need you to provide responses to a few questions (you can copy & paste information from your current GoPeer Tutoring profile if applicable).

Become the Featured Tutor of the Week

STEP 1: Tap here to open the Featured Tutor Question Template

STEP 2: Copy & paste the "view only" template into a new Google or Word doc so you can edit it

STEP 3: Follow the instructions outlined in the template and fill in your answers

STEP 4: Submit your new Google or Word doc by sending the file or shared link to

Once you submit, we will be in touch with you momentarily and will confirm the final draft with you before starting to promote it.

As always, we are here to help you out if you are unsure about what to say or have any questions at all 😀

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