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Another great feature on Facebook is the buy and sell marketplace. In order to maximize your exposure, you should list your services there. Today’s task walks you through doing just that 🤗


When people search Facebook, they see results for not only posts and groups, but also items for sale nearby. Consequently, listing your tutoring services in this location helps to capture nearby students looking to FB to find help.


1. Navigate to:

2. Click on the blue button at the bottom of the left-side menu that says “Sell Something”

3. Tap on "Item for Sale"

4. Fill in the appropriate information (see image below)

  • Select a Category: Choose “Services or Household”
  • What are you selling? [Subject] Tutoring (Modify this if you want to)
  • Add price: Put ($25) hourly rate here
  • Add Location: Your school’s city and state or your hometown
  • Describe your item: Include your sales pitch, list your subjects or courses/rates, and provide the link to your tutoring profile
  • Add Photos: You can decide what you want to use as a photo. Possibilities include a screenshot of your tutor profile and the GoPeer logo. Go with whatever you think will draw the most attention to your listing

Example description template: Hey everyone! As you may or may not already know, I have {4} years of tutoring experience. I am tutoring all the subjects listed on my page below and my normal rate is between 25-35 per hour. If you are interested or have any questions please contact me on my tutoring page here for a free first lesson. Thanks! {INSERT YOUR PROFILE LINK}

4. Update your listing or make a new one every couple of weeks to make sure you’re always at the top of the search feed 📈

Up next: Raking in Referrals.

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