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Referrals are the 🔑  to turning every client you get into not only a returning customer but also a driver of additional business through personal referrals. 


Getting your existing students to refer you new ones is the most surefire way to consistently grow your business. There is no better person to talk about your abilities as a tutor than someone who has worked with you. Furthermore, it is safe to assume that almost everyone you work with knows at least one person who could use your help, whether it be in the same class or another one you cover. Luckily, we at GoPeer not only make it easy for your students to direct their friends to you through the built-in sharing capabilities but also make it financially beneficial for them to do so by offering the opportunity to “Give One, Get One.” (E.g. students can gift a free lesson, and then receive a free lesson). Consequently, there’s absolutely no reason why you (and your students) wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the many benefits of student referrals on a consistent basis.


Give One ($35 of tutoring credit), Get One ($35 of tutoring credit).

Students can navigate to “Referrals” button in the left hand column of their screen (on a desktop computer) or under the top right drop down tab (on mobile) and share their personal referral code with a friend (or group of friends) through text message, email, FB messenger, Twitter, Facebook, etc...

Student Benefits:

  • For every friend that uses the Free Lesson ($35 value promo code) to have a session, your students also get a free lesson ($35 worth of credit) for themselves
  • This is the easiest method of referring for students because everything is handled directly in the app and they can refer people for absolutely any class so it’s easy to find those in need of tutoring
  • There is no limit to the amount of credit they can earn from referrals so they can continue to have free or reduced-price sessions with you if they continue to bring people onto the platform

Your Benefits:

  • If one of your current students uses this method to refer someone to you, you get a new client and you will likely be able to book more sessions with the existing one because they get $35 in free tutoring. Simply have them share your profile and add their personal promo code.
  • Even if one of your students uses this method to refer someone to another tutor, you still benefit because your student will have earned credit that they can use with you.
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