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What is the new Kean University Tutoring Platform?

The Kean University Tutoring Platform pairs vetted Kean University peer tutors with other Kean University students who are seeking a tutor.

Our instructors

What truly sets the Kean University Tutoring Platform apart is our instructors. We hand-match students to make sure that everyone has an instructor that’s right for them. We believe that Kean University instructors are the best in their field and provide mentorship that other tutors don’t offer.

What is a private online tutoring lesson?

Over the last three years we have met and spoken with thousands of tutors and students to carefully refine our service. From the insights learned, we have created the most versatile digital classroom that makes online tutoring personalized, effective, and collaborative.

With the Kean University Tutoring Platform, an online tutor offers the same face-to-face personalized tutoring experience as an in-person tutor, but uses our state-of-the-art live learning platform to meet with you over the Internet.

You might not know the specifics of exactly what happens during a private online tutoring lesson, so we wanted to describe our classes to make sure you understand what your student will experience!

During the lesson

We strive to make Kean University Tutoring sessions as effective & personalized as possible. In the digital classroom, students and tutors have access to a collaborative workspace with many helpful tools that enhance the learning experience.

In the online classroom, both the student and tutor can take control of the learning environment or annotate the screen — this means the tutor can type out examples, help them navigate to a particular tool, or highlight where in the workspace the student should look for errors — all without switching seats. Our students can move at their own pace with the personalized attention of their instructor.

We also make sure that we meet each student’s individual needs. We remember exactly what made us fall in love with learning, and we’ve designed our teaching methods around that.

Collaboration tools:

  • Interactive whiteboard - Students and tutors can write, type, and draw on a digital whiteboard.
  • Essay editing - easily review & edit word documents
  • Note taking - take notes  
  • Collaborative file sharing - Share files like diagrams, homework, graphs and tests -- then annotate or write on top of the worksheets or images.
  • High-quality video & audio communication - It feels like an in-person lesson.
  • Chat via instant messaging - Need a little extra help after the session? You can always chat your tutor to ask questions.
  • Review past lessons - students and tutors can review their work from past lessons that they have saved.

After the lesson

The learning doesn’t stop when class is over. To keep students in the loop, the tutor adds a summary of the student’s lesson progress after each class. Because the classes are one-on-one, if a student falls behind, our instructors are able to accommodate them and adjust the teaching strategies accordingly.

Connecting with a Kean University Peer Tutor

There are two ways that you can connect with a GoPeer Tutor.

  1. Search on our website to view available tutors. On our website, you can view their qualifications & experience and compare ratings & reviews. All tutors on our educational team go through an extensive vetting process to ensure that they will provide the highest quality experience. You can browse available tutors here.
  2. Request tutor recommendations from the Kean University Website. We are always happy to provide recommendations so please don't hesitate to reach out. You can send us a message asking for recommendations by clicking the blue icon in the bottom right hand corner of this page.

Plus, all lessons are FREE for Kean University students.

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