Tutors with complete, accurate, and unique profiles are more likely to have clients contact them. Therefore, it is very important that your profile is fully completed.

Creating Your Tutor Profile

If you have not already created your Kean University Tutor Account then you can create it by clicking the button below.

Completing Your Tutor Profile

  • Congrats! You've created your account and it's time to start personalizing your profile.

Step 1.

  • Sign in to your account and click Settings to access your Profile

Step 2

  • Add a profile picture

Step 3

  • Add the college / university that you attend
  • Add your major (If undeclared, add the subject area do you plan to specialize in)

Step 4

  • Indicate the age range that you are comfortable teaching

Step 5

  • The "Languages" section does not represent the subjects/skills that you are available to teach.
  • If you are interested in teaching languages then make sure to add your languages in the Skills section of your profile.

Step 6

  • Add certificates, special honors, or awards you have received that will enhance the quality of your profile.

Step 7 - Video Introductions in Tutor Profiles

Step 8 - Headline Introduction

  • Introduce yourself and describe what will make you an outstanding GoPeer Tutor in three sentences or less.

Step 9 - Detailed Introduction

Information to include in your detailed introduction

  • Write a paragraph or more introducing yourself
  • Describe what you are studying and any goals you hope to pursue in the future
  • Talk about where your passion and enthusiasm for tutoring comes from
  • Describe your qualifications and experience
  • Include any awards or special honors you have received that support your teaching credentials
  • Encourage students to contact you to learn more¬†

To see tutor profile examples click the button below

Step 10

  • Please select all subjects and skills that you are comfortable teaching.

Step 11

Please update your Travel Distance located at the bottom of your profile.

  • This section represents the geographical area that you are available to tutor in.
  • You can change your location as often as you want.¬†
  • Whether you show up in the search results for nearby geographical areas depends on how far you are willing to travel.

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