Get paid to share GoPeer with your peers. 😊

  • Share a post to help make high-quality tutoring more accessible for more students!

Two ways to get paid:

  1. Share GoPeer with other college students.
  2. Share GoPeer with parents — 📫message us for more info about this option. Once you message us, we will set up a call to speak more about how you can most effectively do this. (TIP: You can earn more by sharing with parents 🔥💵)

Payment Structure: (For sharing with college students)

• You will get paid $0.20 per unique link click.
On average, one post in a Facebook group will get between 25-100 link clicks depending on the member size/engagement within the group.

Estimated time to create one post = 30 seconds.
No min/max amount of groups that you can post in E.g. Your "clicks" add up.💰

- 50 clicks = $12.50
- 100 clicks = $25.00
- 200 clicks = $40.00
- 500 clicks = $100
- 1000 clicks = $200
- 2500 clicks = $500
- 5000 clicks = $1,000

🎉Bonus! 🎉
• Receive an extra $10 for every post that receives +30 likes! ❤️

📶Click Tracking 📶
• You will have access to the tracking dashboard. 

- *Payments are sent at 11:55 PM EST everyday.

- E.g. If you receive 50 clicks on day 1 and 50 clicks on day 2, you will receive a payment at 11:55 PM EST on day 1 and at 11:55 PM EST on day 2 — If you receive 100 clicks on day 12, you will receive a payment at 11:55 PM EST on day 12.

Next Step: Receive your unique link 🔗

  • Send us a message to receive your "unique link" (This link will be used to track "clicks" for your payments.

Example message to send us: (copy & paste this)


Please send me my unique link so that I can help make high-quality tutoring accessible for all students.

Thank you!

*Click the blue messenger icon in the bottom right hand corner of this page to send us your link request.

Here's how you can post & get paid 🆒

(*Your unique link is required in order for you to get paid.) 

Step 1.

  • Go to the Facebook group that you will be posting in. 
  • We recommend sharing in your college/university class Facebook group(s) in order to receive the most clicks/engagement. 💵

Step 2. 

Copy & paste the text, then add it to your post.

Hi everyone!

• Are you interested in tutoring local K-12 students?

If so, you can learn more about what being a GoPeer Tutor entails at Insert_You_Unique_Link_Here.

  • Required: Make sure to "tag" GoPeer's Facebook page when you type being a GoPeer Tutor entails — 
  • Here's how to to tag GoPeer: Type @ then type GoPeer immediately after the @ symbol — E.g. @GoPeer Tutor)

Step 3.

Add the image to your post.

Part 1: Save the Image

(Tip: You need to save the image to your device so that you can post it.)

  • Save on a Desktop Computer: Drag this photo to your desktop.
  • Save on a Mobile Device: Hold your finger on the photo for 3 seconds to "save the image".

Part 2: Upload the Image

  • Navigate back to your Facebook group.
  • Click "Photo/Video" to upload your "Saved Photo".

Step 4

  • Double check that you have all the info in your post and that it looks nice. ✨

- Correct text ✅
- Tag GoPeer ✅
- Unique link ✅
- Add image ✅

  • Click "Post" 🎉

Step 5

What you need to send us & how to send it:

Part 1:

- Take a screenshot of your final post. 

Required: Include the following details in your screenshot:

- Group name ✅
- Full post ✅
- Comments/Likes ✅

Part 2:

- Send GoPeer the screenshot of your post.

Steps to send the screenshot:

1. Click the blue messenger icon in the bottom right hand corner of this page to open up the GoPeer live chat system.

2. Click "New Conversation"

3. Send the screenshot of your final post to us by clicking the "paper clip" icon and selecting your image file.

4. Send us a quick message so that we know you posted, and so that we can send you an update about your payment/how click tracking works.

5. From there, we will respond back momentarily.  

Example message to send us:
Hi GoPeer! 

Here's the screenshot of my Facebook post!! 

Here's my email: (type your email)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

(Your name)


Click the blue messenger icon in the bottom right hand corner of this page to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions that you have!

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