As a GoPeer Tutor, we are dedicated to helping you efficiently operate and scale your personal client base. By building an extensive network of near-peer tutors across the nation, we've identified the most effective ways to make that happen. This guide contains a collection of battle-tested marketing tactics designed specifically to help you succeed.

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Your GoPeer Tutor Profile

Tutors with complete, accurate, and unique profiles are more likely to have clients contact them. Therefore, it is very important that your profile is fully completed. Click here to see the best practices for making your profile stand out.

Your Unique Profile Link

When you become a GoPeer Tutor, you are given a unique profile link that looks like this:

This link is an extremely important and powerful tool when it comes to effectively marketing your services. Make sure you know how to use it.

Sharing Your Profile

To share your profile link, you can copy/paste it from the web like this:

1. Sign in to your GoPeer account
2. Click "Settings"
3. Copy your "Sharable profile link" (located at the top of your "settings" page)

4. Use the templates below (insert your profile link into the post).

Regardless of which method you choose, whenever you share your profile link through Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, or Text Message, it will automatically link anyone who clicks it back to your unique profile.

Section 1

Social Media Tactics

The easiest way to reach the most students/parents.

  • Joining & utilizing local community Facebook groups

The best thing about using Facebook to market yourself is that it is easy to join groups full of parents searching for tutors. If done right, this could become your most lucrative acquisition channel; so, make sure to read this step thoroughly.

Being in the right groups and knowing how to use them will make finding students substantially easier. Taking the time to identify/join key groups and then maintaining your engagement with these groups throughout the year will help you find and connect with every student who needs your help. This tactic has proven to be the most effective channel for generating profile views and session bookings.


1. Find and join groups 🔎

(Questions about finding the best groups to join?? Message us and we'll give you some TIPS & advice 🚀)

  • Easy ones to find are groups specific to the surrounding towns in your area (E.g. Boston, MA, Newton, MA, Tampa, FL, Ann Arbor, MI, etc..)
  • Next, search for parent groups (E.g. Miami Parents, San Francisco, Moms & Dads, Chicago Parents, etc..)
  • In addition, search for local parent groups that are tutor / babysitter specific (E.g. Newton Tutoring, LA tutors & nannies, ect..)

2. Post in groups 📝

Example posts for Facebook groups

Example #1
Hey everyone! I’m a [math] major at [Boston College] with [2] years of teaching experience and I wanted to let you know that I'm available to tutor. Check out my tutoring profile to send me a message and to see a full list of subjects that I teach:  INSERT YOUR PROFILE LINK.

Example #2
Hi there, I am a [Sophomore] at [MIT] and am available to tutor! You can message me and see all of my qualifications & experience via my tutor profile here: INSERT YOUR PROFILE LINK.

Example #3
Hey everyone! I'm an [Applied Math & Economics double] major with a [4.0] GPA and [4] years of tutoring experience. I’m available to tutor [high school math, AP Statistics, AP Economics], and various other subjects. Check out my tutoring profile to message me and for a full list of my qualifications & experience: INSERT YOUR PROFILE LINK.

Example #4
Hi there! I'm a [Junior Chemistry major on the Dean's list with a passion for teaching]. Just wanted to let you all know that I am available to tutor [high school chemistry, algebra, and calculus.] Check out my tutoring profile to see my skills & experience and to send me a message: INSERT YOUR PROFILE LINK.

Example #5
Hi everyone! I am a [Junior Chemistry major on the Dean's list with a passion for teaching]. Experienced middle and high school teacher available for private tutoring

• Reading
• Writing
• Organization
• Time management
• Standardized test prep
• College essays

References available. I use the GoPeer platform to simplify communication and scheduling so you can contact me here: INSERT YOUR PROFILE LINK.

(Questions about finding the best groups to join?? Message us and we'll give you some TIPS & advice + a list of groups to join 🚀)

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