What is GoPeer?

GoPeer pairs qualified college students with students between the ages of 5-18 for 1-on-1 tutoring lessons. GoPeer’s mission is to make high-quality tutoring
accessible & affordable for all students between the ages of ages 5-18.

Did you know?

GoPeer is backed by Deborah Quazzo (Managing Partner at San Francisco-based GSV Ventures). Deborah serves as a member of The Board of Dean’s Advisors at the following organizations:

  • Harvard Business School 
  • The Khan Academy Thought Leadership Council 
  • Princeton University 
  • The Strada Institute for the Future of Work Advisory Committee

K-12 Students LOVE Working with College Students!

First off, at GoPeer we have four primary goals:

  1. Make high-quality, private tutoring accessible and affordable to all students. 
  2. Erase the logistical hassle for parents of finding a good tutor.
  3. Build healthy relationships between student and tutor to relieve stress, inspire confidence, and promote mental wellness.
  4. Reduce the stigma — tutoring is not just for the struggling student, we all could use some help! 

How do the Tutoring Lessons Work?

In short, GoPeer lessons are 100% online because we have built our own online learning platform with a focus on personalization, collaboration, and effectiveness.

GoPeer’s live learning platform features a secured online classroom, face-to-face video conferencing, virtual whiteboards and saved lessons for easy review and reference.

In the online classroom, both the student and tutor can take control of the learning environment or annotate the screen — this means that the tutor can type out examples, help the student navigate to a particular tool, or highlight where in the workspace the student should look for errors — all without switching seats. With GoPeer, students can move at their own pace with the personalized attention of their instructor.

Most importantly, students have found GoPeer lessons to be relevant, relatable and incredibly helpful.

Here's what the online classroom looks like.

Below is some information about what being a GoPeer tutor would entail:

  1. Flexible schedule - you decide the session times by communicating with the parent or student. There is no min/max time commitment. You set the schedule!
  2. 100% of GoPeer lessons are online. Teach from any location that you have WIFI.
  3. GoPeer Tutors are paid $20.00 per hour. You can earn bonuses too! Clients are charged at least $25.00 per hour. The $5.00 that goes to GoPeer helps keep our servers up and running and it allows us to increase our marketing efforts so that we can drive a consistent flow of students to you. In addition, we allocate a percentage of those funds to our sponsorship program (we sponsor students for weekly recurring sessions to make this opportunity accessible for all students).
  4. The first step to becoming a tutor is creating your tutor account here. You can easily apply to tutor by clicking the “Become a Tutor” button. From there, you will be able to customize your tutor profile.

Demo The Online Classroom

In addition, we provide resources/tips, but at the end of the day, you're the one teaching the student. 

We trust GoPeer Tutors to tailor the session in a way that helps engage the student.

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