Next Steps

The next step of the application process is an academic screening & experience check. For this, we ask our applicants to submit their most recent transcript and resume (screenshots work perfectly, and your unofficial transcript works great). You can upload those documents via the Account Status tab located in the Settings section of your dashboard.

How to upload your resume & transcript

  1. Click here to upload your resume & transcript (TIP: You must be signed in to your account for this link to work properly.)

Interested in teaching AP subjects or SAT/ACT test prep?

If you are interested in teaching AP subjects, SAT test prep, or ACT test prep, then we ask that you submit your AP, SAT, and ACT scores as well. You don't need to send all of your AP scores, just the scores from the subjects you are interested in teaching. To submit these, please attach screenshots of the appropriate test scores to the GoPeer Academic Screening & Experience Check email that you recently received. Or, submit them via our live chat system (E.g. click the blue icon in the bottom right hand corner of your webpage).

Once you submit this information your account will still be listed as pending. Please allow 24-hours for your scores to be reviewed and for your account status to be changed to approved.

Account Approval

  • In addition to the academic screening & experience check, your account will only be approved once you have completed all sections of your profile. Click here for more information on best practices when completing your profile.


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