To help you get started please read the below tips.

Start requesting locations that are convenient for you!

You can request new lesson locations from your dashboard.

Location Approval Criteria

GoPeer looks at a range of factors including accessibility, safety, and availability. We recommend that users request public locations that they feel comfortable with such as coffee shops, libraries, and universities. 

Sign in to your account and click on the "Request Locations" button to start.

Make communication easy & convenient

Download the GoPeer App to simplify communication and scheduling. 

  • Receive "New Message" and "Lesson Confirmation" notifications
  • Easy communication

Live chat so that we can answer your questions right away.

Click the below icon on our website to open up our live chat system. The GoPeer Team personally responds to every message so if you have any questions while on our platform reach out and we will respond right away.

Our team at GoPeer is always happy to answer questions and provide support in any way that we can so once you have a chance to explore our platform we encourage you to reach out with any questions. 

Talk soon,

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