Messaging a New Tutor

If you are interested in working with a tutor for the first time, you can send a message to get to know him/her better before sending a session request.

Click "Contact Tutor"

After navigating to the tutor's profile, press "Contact Tutor".

Send a Message!

  • You can chat a tutor to see if they would be the right fit.
  • *Contacting a tutor is meant to be a helpful way for you to learn more about their experience first hand. It does not mean that you have to schedule a session with them. So, feel free to reach out to learn more about their qualifications & experience.

Message your tutor to:

  • Introduce yourself and the specific needs/learning goals of your child
  • Inquire about the tutor's availability
  • If you found a great fit, discuss the lesson details and send your session request. 

Messaging a previous tutor

Once you have started a chat with a tutor, the thread can always be found in the Messages section on your dashboard.

To view previous messages sign in to your account

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